Slopeside Yoga with Arielle  ~ TBD
Vinyasa Yoga
w/an emphasis on preparing your body for the slopes (45 min.)
2023 Dates: TBD
Cost: $100 for 5 weeks of Slopeside Yoga
Missed classes can be made up by attending an online class or at the studio in Derry during the Winter Session, if available.

To sign up for Slopeside Yoga with Arielle, e-mail

The human body is designed to move. As winter arrives, many find themselves indoors, moving less and sitting more. As a professional ski and snowboard instructor, Arielle knows that skiing & riding satisfy that instinctual need to move and to be physically active in the winter months. It also provides an outdoor opportunity for spiritual inspiration as you breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the beautiful sights of nature all around you. Unfortunately, many recreational skiers & riders find they tire quickly and get too sore to enjoy their whole vacation or are even unable to enjoy one day on the slopes. Preparing for the season and each day on the slopes with Slopeside Yoga can make the difference. Racers and Professional Ski & Snowboard Instructors benefit too. Flow from within. Ski the slopes of life smoothly. Let Slopeside Yoga inform and improve your days on the mountain. And may you have hundreds more…

Contact Arielle at for more information about ski/snowboard specific yoga training programs or to schedule a workshop in your area.