Early Birds due June 1st 17th!

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COVID-19 Update: Nahar Yoga appreciates the support of our students as we work together through these challenging times.  We will be continuing with our model of offering remote classes and in-person classes with limited space availability.  Students enrolled for these classes may be required to reserve their in-person spot on a weekly basis & follow all COVID-19 protocols (see registration form for details). To support our members, read about our enrollment benefits.  Please refer to the Rates & Promotions page for exciting details!  Please follow Nahar Yoga on Facebook to be sure you are receiving the most up-to-date information about our programs as this situation is fluid. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon – online or in-person!

Welcome to NAHAR YOGA ~

Nahar, meaning “river” inspires the yoga, meaning “union”. Gain strength, flexibility and understanding while uniting the breath, body, mind and spirit. Nahar Yoga invites you to let your inner light shine through at all stages of life – from mothers bonding with their babies in the womb to kids learning to express themselves and continuing throughout adulthood… whether you are in the studio or in your home or even out at the ski resort.

In Nahar Yoga we place special emphasis on the breath ~ we encourage the breath and your inner voice to be your guide… let your inner teacher guide you on your mat, off your mat, even out on the slopes of life!

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EARLY BIRDS EXTENDED thru 6/17! Register NOW!SUMMER is just around the corner! * SUMMER CLASSES BEGIN June 26th.* Alisha's RENEW (yin-inspired gentle yoga) continues on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM this summer!* NEW! ZUMBA with Kristen on Wednesdays at 6:45 PM starting 6/28.Summer Schedule: https://naharyoga.com/schedule/Register for Summer HERE: https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSeHrW.../viewform... ... See MoreSee Less

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