The word “vinyasa” means “flow”. Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga where the sequence of postures flow from one into the other. In Nahar Yoga, we place special emphasis on the breath so that even when we are holding a pose, we are still flowing with breath, allowing the energy of the universe to flow through our bodies.

Come celebrate being alive. Relieve tension and stress. Create space. Be guided by your breath through a gently flowing sequence of postures, which will build strength and flexibility while uniting the breath, body, mind and spirit. All levels are welcome. Modifications are regularly provided so that all students, including beginners or pregnant women, can find their own practice. Let us journey together!

Please note

Always check with your physician before beginning a new exercise regimen. Modifications can always be made, but it is important to inform the instructor of any limitations/injuries you may have.

Arielle is available for private, semi-private or corporate yoga sessions. To book an appointment or to schedule a YOGA TEA PARTY!, contact her at