Preparation for Childbirth Couples Yoga Workshop

This workshop provides an opportunity for couples together to enhance awareness of and confidence in pregnancy, labor and birth. Understand how to create optimum conditions for birth to be as normal and natural as possible.

Through discussion, gentle postures, breath work, vocal toning, meditation, visualization and massage, couples will cultivate greater relaxation, understanding and enjoyment for childbearing. Calm and flexibility ease the birthing process, reducing pain and increasing the joy of giving birth.

Couples will practice postures together that are both beneficial and enjoyable for the rest pregnancy and during labor. Partners feel more connected to the unborn baby.

The presence and encouragement of a woman’s partner is a powerful aid to labor and delivery. Partners will be supported to understand how to support the birthing mom with confidence and sensitivity. This awareness and presence can lessen the requirement for medical interventions. Deepen your relationship with yourselves and your unborn child.

Beneficial at any time during your pregnancy. No previous experience necessary. Beneficial for 2nd & 3rd, etc. pregnancies too!

Arielle is available for private yoga sessions for individuals or couples. To book an appointment, contact her at