According to YogaEd:

Yoga is non-competitive

Everyone can do it, feel good about it and even help each other with it.

Yoga requires staying present

Kids develop focus, concentration and discipline. They experience how their own mind-body system works and therefore learn how to work better with them selves. Kids learn how to impact their inner state becoming more responsible for their choices and health.

Yoga is practical, low cost preventative medicine

Kids balance and restore with themselves by going inside. Kids shift the stress response in their autonomic nervous systems and move from fight or flight to creativity and enjoyment.

Yoga creates: balance, integration, flexibility, quiet

Kids slow down brain waves, align body, breath and mind and become present. They also wring out tensions and toxins. They feel better, are more relaxed and can focus and participate fully in the learning process.

Yoga expands and enriches awareness and the experience of our inner life

Kids are less reactive, more self-aware and make better choices.

Yoga is a tool we can use to navigate and fulfill our own destiny

Kids develop a greater sense of SELF; they are more creative, communicative, compassionate and alive.

Arielle is available to lead Kid’s Yoga or yoga dance for birthday parties, kids’ yoga tea parties, private or public school classes, afterschool programs, or to lead continuing education workshops for elementary schoolteachers (YogaEd’s Tools for Teachers program). To book, contact her at